The historic reenactment of the hospitality of the Carthusian monks towards the Emperor in 1535. The story of emperor Charles V and the thousand eggs omelette. The annual event, organized in the second week of August, in Padula - Southern Italy -, is inspired by an episode cited for the first time in 1640, by the priest and writer Camillo Tutini: Charles V, after defeating the Ottoman corsair Hayreddin Barbarossa on 4th July 1535, in the naval battle of Tunis, landed in

“Alla tavola della principessa Costanza” is the spectacular event that takes place every year, from the 11th to 13th of August, in Teggiano, in the southern Campania region. Parades in historical costumes, musicians and actors celebrate the wedding between Antonello Sanseverino, Lord of Diano (Teggiano) and Prince of Salerno, and Costanza di Montefeltro, Federico’s daughter, Duke of Urbino and Count of Montefeltro. The event stages an accurate narrative of Italy during the Middle Ages and of some events of the 15th