Alla Tavola della Principessa Costanza

“Alla tavola della principessa Costanza” is the spectacular event that takes place every year, from the 11th to 13th of August, in Teggiano, in the southern Campania region. Parades in historical costumes, musicians and actors celebrate the wedding between Antonello Sanseverino, Lord of Diano (Teggiano) and Prince of Salerno, and Costanza di Montefeltro, Federico’s daughter, Duke of Urbino and Count of Montefeltro.

The event stages an accurate narrative of Italy during the Middle Ages and of some events of the 15th century. With background extras in costume and the reenactment of the “Assault on the castle”, a reminder of the conspiracy of 1485 hatched by Prince Sanseverino against the king of Naples, and of the siege suffered by the fortress by the Aragona royal forces.

It is a unique occasion to enjoy the artistic and cultural heritage of Teggiano, thanks to the opening of all churches and museums with guided tours. Celebrations open with street performers, flag-throwers, falconers, jesters, minstrels, tabor players and fire-eaters. Then it is the turn of the wedding parade with hundreds of people in traditional costumes. Everything is recreated to perfection, even the monetary system of 15th century. Before entering the medieval world, you find the Exchange Bank that delivers ducati, tarì e tornesi forged according to the original designs. They can be used for any type of purchase at the taverns.

The Festival “Alla tavola della principessa Costanza” is also the occasion to taste local food and wine. Strolling through the historical centre of Teggiano, you can enjoy delicious dishes expertly set in the taverns. The culinary journey starts with Taverna della Congiura where you can taste salsiccia, salame et cacio fresco (sausage, salami and fresh cheese); we move on to taste the delicious parmatieddi (handmade pasta) at Taverna dei Mori or the cavatieddi et fasuli co la porva (handmade pasta with beans and paprika) at Antica Taverna. Then, you arrive at Taverna dell’Assedio, where, you are literally assailed by the fragrance of the salsiccia de porco in su la brace et provola rostita (grilled pork sausage and roasted cheese), and move towards Taverna della Vecchia Porta with the succulent civiere de cinghiale o de agnello (wild boar or lamb). The itinerary has its sweet ending at Taverna de lo Falco where there are plenty of desserts: bicchinotto, tunnuliddo et coronetta et pizzichino.

The most significant result of the whole event is being able to recreate the atmosphere of the past. Walking through this medieval town in Southern Italy, you really have the impression to go back in time and relive crucial moments of a history to which all inhabitants of Campania belong to.