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Relive the glories of the ancient greek colony of Elea

From the top of the Acropolis, situated on the upper part of the Elea-Velia Archaeological Park, standing in the shadow of the large olive trees, next to the ancient theatre, you can see one of the most beautiful stretches of the Cilento’s coast.

It is exactly here, on this stretch of the coast, that the Phocaeans arrived with their boats to establish a new colony. It is on that cobbled road that important philosophers, such as Parmenides and Zeno, have walked side by side with the disciples of the Eleatic school. Come to discover what would have been the feeling of those who, at nightfall, moving from one neighborhood to another, found themselves crossing Porta Rosa!

The visit starts from the southern district that once was the waterfront of the city; then, following a cobbledstone road, we will reach the upper part of the promontory, which the Greek settlers destined as a sacred area (the acropolis).The combination of archaeology and landscape in the Elea-Velia site represents an important element, a distinctive feature and an aspect of charm, found in all the archaeological areas of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park. Each tour will provide you with information on the Mediterranean vegetation and flora.

DURATION  2 hours

WHERE Marina di Ascea (Salerno)




You have the possibility to combine the guided visit to Elea-Velia Archaeological Park with high-end tasting of mozzarella and wine, along with the visit to the dairy farm. In addition, for nature lovers the day could continue to the enchanting natural oasis of the Alento River.

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