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The everlasting charm of the temples a few steps from the Tyrrhenian coast

Famous throughout the world for its majestic temples, Paestum offers a unique world heritage to the numerous tourists, 2,500 years of history enclosed in an Archaeological Park that tells the story of the Greek civilisation in Southern Italy and of the fascinating ancient city Poseidonia.

The guided tour encompasses the visit to the ancient Greek city with its three splendid temples and other significant buildings. Moreover, we will visit the Archaeological Museum which houses the famous Tomba del Tuffatore – Tomb of the Diver – now an iconic image of Paestum Archaeological Park.

DURATION  2 hours

WHERE  Paestum (Salerno)



The guided tour to Paestum can be combined with the visit to a local dairy farm and/or a winery culminating with over the top experience of mozzarella and wine tastings. In addition, for nature lovers the day can continue to the enchanting natural oasis of the Alento River. Or, you might wish to see the picturesque coastal towns of Agropoli and Castellabate.

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